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Julia, 19, Haitian/Filipina, relatively normal college BS Life Sciences student with too many interests. My blog is mostly Tolkien, attractive men who are too old for me, and a number of shows like Game of Thrones and Hannibal, although I appreciate good things in general. Proceed with caution.

In Episode 10, we have a six-and-a-half minute seduction/sex scene involving five different characters that is as kinky and subversive and suggestive as any sex scene that you have seen on network television,” he teases. “I would put it as a contender to challenge cable sex scenes — not in terms of the nipple and crack of nakedness — but more in the psychology and sensuality of sex amongst the mad.” But wait, are all five of those people in the same room together? “It depends on how you define room,” replies Fuller, with a chuckle.

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Team Sassy Science (living up to its name)

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Had to redo. Last gifs wasn’t working

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The Hobbit: chapters 1-10
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imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon

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You know, Pixar has a lot to be proud of but the true extent of their influence always hits me when I visit the aquarium and every kid who sees the clownfishes goes, “Look it’s Nemo!!”


Guys with tattoos are so fucking hot

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Our freezer door is broken and I left my strawberry yogurt on the fridge shelf near it without really thinking. Came home to frozen strawberry yogurt. It’s the little things. 

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illuminatingrooftops said:THEY GOT A KARAOKE MACHINE?!

Went to bed to the sound of someone’s poor rendition of “My Heart Will Go On.” Either they got one or it was the television…played really loud. I’m praying it’s the latter. 


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Oh no. Oh no, Satan. You can’t let my neighbors get a karaoke machine. You wouldn’t.

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TL;DR : Watch this incredible story in video

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I wouldn’t be surprised at all. I always raised him to save the world.
Peter Hambleton when I asked him how Gloin would react if he found out about Gimli’s role in the war of the ring. (via kittyprincessofcats)
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